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The Story

The Story

Tasteful Thinking is…

A butterfly business* founded by Sinéad Reil in 2021. Which specialises in fueling food businesses with ideas, content, tactics, and support to help boost their brand awareness and digital strategies.

Business Profile, Sinead Reil of Tasteful Thinking

In 2020, Sinéad graduated with a Masters in Gastronomy & Food Studies and has been flying the food flag for sometime. She holds a distinction in Digital Marketing from the Marketing Institute of Ireland and D.I.T., after developing a strategic plan for the Dublin suburban retail organisation, Nutgrove Shopping Centre. She produced digital content for this company for nearly four years and more recently for a Waterford tourist information agency. Prior to the recession, she worked in the print industry for many years.

She regularly writes articles for her food blog Home Part 3 .

Sinéad ‘s the quiet type- you’ll find in the kitchen at parties where she’ll be serving up the cake she baked and brought along. However, you should keep your eye on her because she hogs the spotlight on the dance floor and sings at an ‘after party’ on occasion too!

*Butterfly Businesses are, “small, quick, colourful, lighter than air [entities] – many of them run by women”

(Shann Nix Jones, 2020).

Tasteful Thinking is a butterfly business